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  • Organisation:Beirut1

    Studio Beirut

    Meeting place and think tank

    Studio Beirut is the place in 
town to get you, as an artist, architect or designer, engaged in a collaborative project on the city. It is…

  • Organisation:Toronto5


    Spacing drives the connection between public space and democracy. Spacing does magazines, blogs, maps, interventions, buttons and events.

  • Organisation:Amsterdam

    Danube Foundation

    The Danube Foundation aims to contribute to the exchange of ideas between young Europeans in Central, East and Western Europe. Like the river…

  • City:Subotica20

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  • User15


    art initiative

    KOOPERACIJA is an initiative whose purpose is artistic activity outside the inert institutional frameworks, thus suggesting an exceptional…

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  • Event:Stuttgart, Treacle13

    Pigeon mapping

    Do pigeons reflect the perceived prestige of the area in which they scratch?

    Kaspar Wimberley –

    We have started to observe and follow pigeons. It sometimes seems that pigeons reflect the neighbourhood in which they scratch, or at least…

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  • Story

    4th of july

    happy 4th of july

    Happy 4th Of July Images Happy 4th Of July Quotes 4th Of July Quotes 4th Of July Images 4th Of July Wishes Happy 4th Of July Wishes 4th…

  • Toronto

    Corktown District, Toronto

    Residents rile against streetcars for the sake of Corktown's heritage friendly streetscape.

  • City1

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Contemporary ruins and medieval plastic - capital of Estonia.

  • Organisation:Nicosia


    Cyprus' Arts & Creative Industries magazine

    ACCESSARTS first published ARTERI - Cyprus' Arts & Creative Industries Magazine in January 2007. The magazine, which is printed in…

  • Organisation:Budapest

    MKKP - the Two-tailed Dog Party

    Your favorite political party in Hungary

    In 2006, elections were held in Hungary. Renewed and new parties were vying for positions in the Parliament. In Szeged, a new party was…