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  • Organisation:Beirut1

    Studio Beirut

    Meeting place and think tank

    Studio Beirut is the place in 
town to get you, as an artist, architect or designer, engaged in a collaborative project on the city. It is…

  • Organisation:Toronto5


    Spacing drives the connection between public space and democracy. Spacing does magazines, blogs, maps, interventions, buttons and events.

  • Organisation:Amsterdam

    Danube Foundation

    The Danube Foundation aims to contribute to the exchange of ideas between young Europeans in Central, East and Western Europe. Like the river…

  • City:Subotica20

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  • User15


    art initiative

    KOOPERACIJA is an initiative whose purpose is artistic activity outside the inert institutional frameworks, thus suggesting an exceptional…

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  • Event:Stuttgart, Treacle13

    Pigeon mapping

    Do pigeons reflect the perceived prestige of the area in which they scratch?

    Kaspar Wimberley –

    We have started to observe and follow pigeons. It sometimes seems that pigeons reflect the neighbourhood in which they scratch, or at least…

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  • Toronto

    Corktown District, Toronto

    Residents rile against streetcars for the sake of Corktown's heritage friendly streetscape.

  • City1

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Contemporary ruins and medieval plastic - capital of Estonia.

  • Organisation:Nicosia


    Cyprus' Arts & Creative Industries magazine

    ACCESSARTS first published ARTERI - Cyprus' Arts & Creative Industries Magazine in January 2007. The magazine, which is printed in…

  • Organisation:Budapest

    MKKP - the Two-tailed Dog Party

    Your favorite political party in Hungary

    In 2006, elections were held in Hungary. Renewed and new parties were vying for positions in the Parliament. In Szeged, a new party was…

  • Organisation:Shanghai


    Cultural Landmark in Shanghai

    A new creative hub located in a very cool, old slaughter house. The organisation is still in the process of building their community, so…