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  • Organisation:Beirut1

    Studio Beirut

    Meeting place and think tank

    Studio Beirut is the place in 
town to get you, as an artist, architect or designer, engaged in a collaborative project on the city. It is…

  • Guide Kaspar Wimberley – Stuttgart, Germany

    Stuttgart, Germany

    Experimental cartography, alternative tours, participatory events, psychogeography & mythogeography.

  • Organisation:Toronto5


    Spacing drives the connection between public space and democracy. Spacing does magazines, blogs, maps, interventions, buttons and events.

  • City:Seoul252

    Seoul, South Korea

    Old things with new things, new things with old things.

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  • Organisation
  • User

    jacqueline heerema

    artist, co-founder and curator of artists initiative Satellietgroep

    You are most welcome to explore the coast of Scheveningen, The Hague in The Netherlands with us! Arts and science can express the spatial and…

  • Organisation:Amsterdam1


    Public architecture

    The architecture of DUS goes beyond building. This social significance shows at all levels of DUS’ work, ranging from large urban strategies…

  • Organisation:Shanghai


    Cultural Landmark in Shanghai

    A new creative hub located in a very cool, old slaughter house. The organisation is still in the process of building their community, so…

  • Organisation:Istanbul1

    Hafriyat Karaköy

    Exhibition space

    Hafriyat Karaköy, was shaped as an independent venue by Hafriyat artists coming together to form an alternative space. Hafriyat Karaköy is a…

  • City:Subotica17

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  • Event:Stuttgart, Treacle12

    Pigeon mapping

    Do pigeons reflect the perceived prestige of the area in which they scratch?

    Kaspar Wimberley –

    We have started to observe and follow pigeons. It sometimes seems that pigeons reflect the neighbourhood in which they scratch, or at least…

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