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  • Organisation:Beirut1

    Studio Beirut

    Meeting place and think tank

    Studio Beirut is the place in 
town to get you, as an artist, architect or designer, engaged in a collaborative project on the city. It is…

  • City1

    Tallinn, Estonia

    Contemporary ruins and medieval plastic - capital of Estonia.

  • Organisation:Amsterdam

    Danube Foundation

    The Danube Foundation aims to contribute to the exchange of ideas between young Europeans in Central, East and Western Europe. Like the river…

  • Organisation:Budapest

    MKKP - the Two-tailed Dog Party

    Your favorite political party in Hungary

    In 2006, elections were held in Hungary. Renewed and new parties were vying for positions in the Parliament. In Szeged, a new party was…

  • Organisation:Amsterdam

    your social event guide

    TipSpot answers the question: “Why oh why isn't there a simple overview of what's happening in town, based on the interests of me and my…

  • Organisation:Amsterdam


    Park, pavillions, plants. Early Seventies utopian style. Not on the radar of many people, yet.

    I find this park the best in town. I doubted a lot about giving this away because I want it to remain a well kept secret: I don't want the…

  • Organisation:Skopje

    Kanal 103

    Independent radio channel

    Kanal 103 is a unique, noncommercial, alternative, free radio station broadcasting on Macedonian air.

  • Story: Rey Kevin

    My Journey to Hongkong

    First Come to Hongkong

    Rey Kevin –

    Hongkong is beautiful country. I always dreaming to visit Hongkong

  • Story: Syakila88

    calon gubernur dki terkuat 2017

    calon gubernur dki terkuat 2017

    Syakila88 –

    Siapa calon gubernur dki terkuat 2017 ???

  • Organisation:Tehran1

    Park Mellat Cinema Complex

    the biggest cinema complex in Iran

    As cinema is considered to be one of the most popular forms of arts in Iran, the recently opened Park Mellat Cinema Complex, designed by the…

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Feira dos de São Cristovão

    Art Market in Rio

    Started more than 50 years ago by migrant workers, this market is now an explosion of music, dancing, food, art and produce from northeastern…