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Underground Arts

Tattoo Studio & Museum

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Not only is it a studio for your latest body ink addition, its also a tattoo museum.

Established as a Trust in the year 2000, the NTM (National Tattoo Museum) is a first for the South Pacific Region. The goal is to provide a forum to ensure the rich history of the 'Tattoo' or 'Ta Moko', is both shared and protected.

This is a totally unique venture that has never been created before in the South Pacific, therefore the implications of such a venture are huge. Taking into civilization throughout the South Pacific and the world. The Museum is a basis for global unity for tattooed and non-tattooed people alike and we make every effort to ensure that every culture is treated with the same utmost respect. The vision is to document and display individual stories as accurately and honestly as possible, while continuing to evolve with the Art Of Tattoo.

Source: Underground Arts


29 Wigan Street

6011 Wellington

New Zealand

phone +6443852185